Getting tips for running workshops by learning out loud

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“You know every time anyone asks me to run a workshop, I panic. Despite 24 years exp in L&D, facilitating is one of the hardest & challenging roles for me. I am SO anxious standing up in front of others “telling”. I think this has held me back in many ways. How do I overcome it?!”

This is one of the reasons that I love to read Helen Blunden’s tweets and blogs and watch her video’s. She’s a very well respected learning designer with followers from all over the world, and yet she tweets about panicing before every workshop she gives: Others from the field reply with all kinds of…

Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals

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In Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals bespreekt Derek Sivers twee interessante onderwerpen: een daily diary, wat ook wel een journal wordt genoemd, en een topic journal. Over het eerste zegt hij:

You can’t trust distant memories, but you can trust your daily diary. It’s the best indicator to your future self (and maybe descendants) of what was really going on in your life at this time.

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