👍 Getting tips for running workshops by learning out loud



This is one of the reasons that I love to read Helen Blunden’s tweets and blogs and watch her video’s. She’s a very well respected learning designer with followers from all over the world, and yet she tweets about panicing before every workshop she gives. 

Others from the field reply with all kinds of tips to overcome that feeling of panic.  There are more than 40 replies just to this one tweet and in most of them followers share their tips and insights about presenting workshops. 

With this tweet, Helen shows once again how valuable it is to ‘work and learn out loud’ and to show one’s vulnerability in that process. Other recognized that too:

Just a few examples of the other responses, though there are so many more worth mentioning:





👍Flip your presentation format

Liked Flip your presentation format by Pat Thomsom

The flipped narrative starts the same way as the default. You pose your problem or question and explain why it’s important. But now, you provide your answer straight away. You then spend the remainder of the time showing your audience how you reached that conclusion.

Goede tip van Pat Thomson om de volgorde van je presentatie te wijzigen, zodat je belangrijkste boodschap al aan het begin komt, in plaats van pas aan het eind. 
Wat mij betreft kan dit ook bij blogs. Eerst de belangrijkste boodschap vertellen en dan pas hoe je daar bij bent gekomen.