👍What Science Says About Stress, Cognition, and Clarity

Liked What Science Says About Stress, Cognition, and Clarity by David Allen

“You head is a terrible office.”

“Recent cognitive science research shows that the number of things you can mentally prioritize, manage, retain, and recall is . . . (hold on) . . . four! If you park any more than that in your head, you will sub-optimize your cognitive functioning. You will be driven by whatever is latest and loudest—rather than by strategy, intuition, or objective assessment.”

“I discovered the value and impact of unloading the mind of all tasks, to-dos, projects, and plans when a mentor had me do a complete ‘Mind Sweep’.”

“Distribute your cognitive load not only to relieve yourself of all that stressful remembering and recalling, but also so you can experience the joy of thinking creatively and solving problems, as your brain is optimized to do.”

Probeer niet om alles te onthouden, maar gebruik in plaats daarvan een extern systeem dat je op het juiste moment aan de juiste dingen herinnert. Zo ontstaat er meer rust en ruimte in je hoofd. Dit zorgt voor meer creativiteit en je kunt er beter door nadenken.

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