Becoming a social learner

I’m a lifelong learner. I love to learn. I’m always looking for new information, new insights, tools and techniques and I often reflect on what I do, because I want to keep improving.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about social learning, and learning and working out loud. I’m convinced that it is the right way to go, connecting with experts online, asking questions, telling what I’m doing and collaborating with others to solve problems and find new answers.

But I noticed that I find it hard to do this myself. It’s hard to tell what I’m thinking about when I’m not done thinking yet. But I know I’m never done thinking, so it is such a waste to not write down anything during the process.

Should I be doing that thinking online? I don’t know. I see others do this successfully, so I don’t know why I shouldn’t. Maybe it forces me to think in a more structured way and to come up with something worthwile in every post. Maybe it will make me feel more comfortable just by doing this more often. We’ll see.

Yesterday I heard someone quote Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results”. Well, so let’s try something different now. Let’s write from a learner perspective instead of from a teacher perspective, which I was used to. And let’s do it in English, which is not my native language. I’ve noticed that I can write more personally when I write in English. Maybe it will also make it easier to connect with more people globally.

Oh and any comments on my English are very welcome, because of course I want to get better at that too 🙂


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