Leren via podcasts

Ik luister heel veel naar podcasts. Al jarenlang. Tijdens het hardlopen, strijken en andere huishoudelijke klusjes en tijdens lange autoritten. 

Een podcast kun je vergelijken met een opgenomen radio-uitzending die je achteraf kunt downloaden en beluisteren. De meeste podcasts hebben één keer per week of per twee weken een nieuwe aflevering, maar het kan ook vaker of juist minder vaak. Dat verschilt per podcast. 

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A memorable Facebook challenge

Over a week ago, I participated in a memorable Facebook challenge to write a good text for a sales page. We were all in a Closed Facebook group, working out loud, sharing our work and giving and receiving feedback on each others work. People were very honest and many of them went ‘all in’ to share their work and comment to others. They were giving honest feedback, new ideas, commented on writing style etc. It was very educational. Continue Reading

Puzzle - pieces linking together

Making more sense

The PKM-course that I’m participating in at the moment really got me to think about the way I make sense of the things I read and listen to. This was also one of my purposes for participating, so I’m glad that the plan is working 😉

In my previous post I wrote about improving my sense making habits by restructuring Evernote and redefining my workflow for blog ideas. This still works great, though in the meantime I added something very relevant to this. Continue Reading

PKM-workshop: Sense making

One of the assignments of the PKM-workshop that I’m currently participating in, got me to think quite long about my approach to it, which resulted in some Evernote-cleaning and a new blog post on my business blog about social bookmarking.

The assignment was to use a new tool for sense making and as a source we could use Jane Hart’s learning tools directory. Continue Reading

Personal Knowledge Management: Filtering information

Another assignment of the 60 days PKM-course that I currently participate in, is to create filters and streamline the channels with incoming information.

I use several incoming streams, like Twitter and RSS-feeds. I created several Twitter lists to categorize the people and the companies that I follow, because I thought that reading by subject would make it easier to read more tweets. I created a column for each list in Hootsuite and I read these mainly on my smartphone. Continue Reading

Sun & Tulips

Becoming a social learner

I’m a lifelong learner. I love to learn. I’m always looking for new information, new insights, tools and techniques and I often reflect on what I do, because I want to keep improving.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about social learning, and learning and working out loud. I’m convinced that it is the right way to go, connecting with experts online, asking questions, telling what I’m doing and collaborating with others to solve problems and find new answers. Continue Reading